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305-306-4687‬ info@cypherdancefitness.com


The Cypher Dance Fitness program is a dance fitness program cut from it’s own cloth that pays respect and tribute to the foundations and fundamentals of hip hop, hip hop dance, breakin’ and the roots of true hip hop.  We hip hop dance fitness classes focus on different elements comprised of hip hop, not pop hop music, understanding and learning the foundations of breakin’ along with with instilling the mindset of overcoming obstacles. We aren’t for everyone and certainly not a basic beginner dance fitness program. We are trainer focused with the goal to ensure hip hop dance fitness is done right and the we build future leaders to ensure the legacy of hip hop is represented with respect and passion. We were born within the culture and live it daily.


Side A.
Track 1. Lay it down
The Cypher Dance Fitness program stemmed from the heart and soul of an 8 year old boy. In a decade of underground b-boys, 80’s rhythm and thriving culture The Cypher DF would find it’s roots. Our Chief Vision Officer and founder, Rodney “Rodbull” Bacho was surrounded by his br

others who were already showing Rodney the way of the breaker. As the years progressed, so did the passion grow within Rodney to live a life of the cardboard craft. B-boyin and hip hop became a lifestyle and a way of life. The culture would ingrain itself into the veins of Rodbull like a superstar became part of the uniform. No matter what Rodney did in life or his career, the one thing that made sense aside from his son was hip hop and everything that came with that. He didn’t know it then, but it would find its way back to the top of his crown after society told him to forget about it as a dream, not realizing it’s a way of life and not a mere mystery you can’t manifest. You can’t put aside something that sets your soul on fire….

Track 2. I gotta do something
Rod would go on in life to teach Zumba dance fitness. There is a very big difference from doing hip hop versus being hip hop. Rodney saw the pitfalls in the industry of dance fitness as a whole where hip hop dance fitness was being reduced to a spoon fed marketing ploy on the latest pop hop music and trends. 10 years of teaching other fitness classes and getting in trouble for it because he taught it his way, (as he learned from growing up in a strong hip hop culture) he would soon get the push he prayed for. Every day and night, the way things were being done didn’t sit right with our man Rodbull. The way it was poorly done began fester as an insult to an industry where programs would pop up as posers trying to sell you a dance fitness program comprised of the latest mass appeal that just didn’t make sense to the kids from of an entire culture. (RUN on) There was no heart, no soul, no mindset and most of all, no true hip hop. He knew there had to be a way to rep what made him feel alive on a level no one has succeeded at before. But how?…

Side B.
Track 1. You don’t say
20 years is a long time since you’ve spoken to someone. That’s how the business of The Cypher started with two bboys from the same side of town. We go west to Duval where two kids who crossed paths at the parties in the 90’s knew each other. Bboyin was the way of life for both of our leaders and still is.

“I got a message one day from our founder, before he presented me with the cypher. We exchanged ideas, reminisced about growing up bboy and what it meant to us. It didn’t take long for Rodney to convince me of his vision. It was the one thing missing in my life. The more he spoke the more I could feel the coal catch fire. Looking back, I can honestly say, hip hop saved me. Breakin gave me meaning. It gave me purpose. It gave me a family. It gave me drive, determination and direction in a world where I felt lost.” – JusOne

Justin “JusOne” Bordeaux spent his early bboyin learning from other leaders from different crews, most notably CSB from J-Ville. He would then form his own crew Sadida. Sadida would go on to produce one of the industries leading breakers in the world. The life he said he owes to breaking led him on a path to create multiple businesses only to find him full circle back in the cypher.

Track 2.
We sit here today with a mission and a vision and that’s to do right by the craft and culture of hip hop, breaking and what it truly means. We pay homage to the roots and soul of hip hop and what that has done for millions of people. We work relentlessly to create a trainer focused program that builds new leaders. Our mission? Empower others the same way hip hop and break dancing empowered us.

We share a vision, a dream and the determination to never give up and make others around us and in our crew be the best they can be.

We teach more than just dance…

In the Full Immersion masterclass and certification workshop…we take time to be grateful for what we have in our lives…the ability to LIVE and send healing energy to those in our Cypher of life!


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